March 24, 2016

Alberta Alpine is proud to announce that 5 Alberta women and 3 Alberta men have been selected to represent Canada at the 2016 Whistler Cup, April 1 to 3.  Team Canada is composed of 9 athletes of each gender. Additionally, 6 men and 6 women will attend on Team Alberta. The selection process takes into account athlete results throughout the season and at U16 CanAms.

Now in its 24th year, The Whistler Cup is a large international ski race, allowing U16 athletes world-wide to benchmark progress against some of the best in their age groups.

Team Canada Women

  1. Alyssa Hill – Team Panorama
  2. Avery Lebsack – Lake Louise Ski Club
  3. Cassidy Gray – Team Panorama
  4. Eleri Smart – Team Panorama West
  5. Claire Timmerman – Banff Alpine Racers

Team Canada Men

  1. Jamie Casselman – Team Panorama West
  2. Harrison Clay – Team Panorama
  3. Thomas Sangwine – Team Panorama

Team Alberta Women

  1. Kiki Alexander – Kananaskis Alpine Ski Team
  2. Tora Hoshizaki – Kananaskis Alpine Ski Team
  3. Kamila Grabinski – Sunshine Alpine Racers
  4. Ashleigh Alexander – Kananaskis Alpine Ski Team
  5. Isla Hawkins  – Banff Alpine Racers
  6. Haley Cunningham – Team Panorama

Team Alberta Men

  1. Taylor Dods – Team Panorama
  2. Elias Popa – Kananaskis Alpine Ski Team
  3. Desmond Lazar – Banff Alpine Racers
  4. Matthew Topham – Kananaskis Alpine Ski Team
  5. Daniel Harrison – Kananaskis Alpine Ski Team
  6. Callum Hawker – Banff Alpine Racers

Whistler Cup website


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