February 22, 2016

AST_2015_KSKeegan Sharp here just giving you a little update on what’s been going on:

We’re pretty well into the season now and its gone by quite fast. I always seem to think it will feel like the winters are long, but they always go by in a blink of an eye. We just finished our trip out east for two Nor Am series, a FIS series, a fair amount of rain, and some pretty cold weather. The races were as tough, if not tougher than expected, but that’s a part of the game we play. The snow conditions weren’t so favorable for the later starting positions in St. Anne which made making a second run rather challenging. After St. Anne we went to Lake Placid for a GS, SC, and a SG. The snow there was pretty good and held up for the later starting positions, which presented good opportunity to get a second run in the GS. Unfortunately for me, a fairly large mistake on a fairly flat hill shut down that opportunity… pilot error…..

After Lake Placid we went back to Canada for some FIS races in Bromont. Some of the team had good results, and the rest of us are working on our “race consistency” – a cliché in ski racing, and we know that clichés exist because they’re needed to describe common situations.
We’re back in the West now for awhile, moving around this general area racing and training for the remainder of the season by the way our calendar looks. So let’s see what the near future has to bring.

Bye for now,


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