February 12, 2016

AST_TEAMPHOTO_15-16b_smallThe NorAm Races have moved to Lake Placid, New York for a GS and Super G/Alpine Combined series. Alpine Combined is the time from one run of Super G plus the time from one run of slalom.

Former Alberta Ski Team athlete Erik Read, who now skis for Denver University, leads the men’s NorAm series standings with 666 points.

February 10th – Alberta Ski Team athlete Jack Leitch grabbed a 43th place finish from bib #92 in the opening GS race, and Georgia Burgess was in the points with a 23rd place finish in women’s GS.  Former AST athletes Kevyn Read, now racing with Dartmouth, took 16th, while brother Erik Read of Denver University grabbeda 21st place finish. On the women’s side, Mia Henry, formerly of AST and now with Montana State University, finished 17th and Steph Profitt, racing with Burke Mountain Academy came 35th.

February 11th – was women’s Super G and Alpine Combined. Burgess again led the AST with her 18th place finish in SG and 11th in Alpine Combined. Sarah Taylor also finished in the points with a 20th place in SG and 17th in Alpine Combined, while Haley McKercher took 38th in Super G and did not finish the slalom run. Men raced a Super G today, with Huston Philp leading the men in 38th place and Jack Leitch taking 43rd. Ben Legree and Mikey Soetaert also finished in the top 50. Other Alberta results today: Erik Read 5th and Jeff Bell of Montana State 13th in Men’s Super G.

February 12th – Final race day saw men compete in Super G and Alpine Combined. Huston Philp was the top Alberta Ski Team athlete with 20th place in both events. Jack Leitch also finished in the points with his 30th place finish, and Collin Taylor and Mikey Soetaert took 34th and 35th respectively. Brothers Erik Read of DU and Jeff Read (DCAST) took 5th and 16th places respectively while MSU college athlete Jeff Bell grabbed a 20th place finish.

Haley McKercher joined Georgia Burgess and Sarah Taylor in the points with her 30th place in women’s Super G, while Georgia maintained her 13th position and Sarah took 25th.

Zoe Belczyk catches up with the team for the next FIS races in the Eastern Townships after completing the Kimberley speed races and some school work.

Official Results

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