January 19, 2016


The Fidelity Investments U14 series opened last weekend at Rabbit Hill. Approximately 150 athletes were greeted with clear, cold weather as they challenged themselves in the first province-wide slalom races of the season. All athletes received a Fidelity Investments gym bag.

Thanks to the ROC for a great race and all the volunteers for your work.

Top finishers in the 8 races were:

Saturday, January 16

JUSTIN Langois SUNSH 28.20
LEE Raymond PASKA  28.30D.Proffitt lo-res U14 Rabbit Hill Carmichael

JURCAK Petra FAST  27.79
PITT Laura PANOW 28.47
GOOCH Ryan SUNSH 28.99

PROFITT John Daniel SUNSH 27.51
LEE Raymond PASKA 28.33
KANAN Brendan PANOW 28.37

GRAY Jacquelyn PANO  31.57
PITT Laura PANOW 31.71

Sunday, January 17

AM races were 2 runs:

PROFITT John Daniel SUNSH  27.69 28.13 55.82 0Sophia Tafel lo-res U14 Rabbit Hill Carmichael
MACAULAY Aidan BANFF 28.54 28.68 57.22 18.06
JUSTIN Langois SUNSH  27.89 29.36 57.25

PITT Laura PANOW30.91 30.65 1:01.56 0
JURCAK Petra FAST 30.74 31.09 1:01.83 3.16
TAFEL Sophia LKLSE 31.04 30.79 1:01.83

KANAN Brendan PANOW26.65
PROFITT John Daniel SUNSH 26.75
JUSTIN Langois SUNSH  27.23

TAFEL Sophia LKLSE 25.48
GOOCH Ryan SUNSH 25.89
RYBARIK Zuzana SUNSH  26.13

For full official results, click here

Photos: top John Daniel Profitt. Bottom, Sophia Tafel. Courtesy Malcolm Carmichael

More photos, courtesy Michelle Clarke and Malcolm Carmichael, are posted on Facebook.

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