July 24, 2015


To: Alberta Alpine Member Clubs, Program Directors, Athletes, Coaches, Officials and General Members

From: Carol Trow, Member Services Coordinator, Alberta Alpine Ski Association

Re:  Alpine Canada Insurance 2015-16

INSURANCE:   Alpine Canada, through their provincial member clubs, provides a number of Sport Accident Insurance Policy (SAIP) options for all its members, including athletes, coaches and general members. Highlights and requirements are listed below and a detailed list of all policies and their benefits will be provided by ACA in the membership handbook to be distributed in the fall.

  1. NEW THIS YEAR – SAIP Class 4 are 5 are required for non-FIS athletes to participate in USA competition and training. SAIP Class 4 ($130) is valid for a single 7 day trip to the US only. SAIP Class 5 (SAIP $150) is valid for a single 14 day trip. See attached Membership Category sheet for pricing
  2. Sport Accident Insurance Policy (SAIP)– see attached Membership Categories and Fees document
  3.  To Purchase SAIP:  Contact Carol Trow at Member Services ( at least 2 weeks prior to trip. Club will be invoiced and purchaser will pay club.
  4. Liability Insurance: Comes with any Alberta Alpine member registration and provides only for harm caused to others while member is participating in an AASA sanctioned program.
  5. Certificates of Insurance (COI) – ACA provides COIs on a request basis to its member clubs. Certificates must be submitted with at least 2 weeks’ notice. COIs cost $30 per document issued. Multiple certificate holders can be included on one request. Certificate of Insurance Request is posted on Alberta Alpine website here:
  6. Out of Country Training Sanction Request – In order for out of country training to be covered under the ACA/CSA Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance program, ACA and the CSA must approve all out of country training. All groups training outside of Canada must fill in a request document and hold appropriate SAIP insurance for the duration of their travel. Please submit requests at least 2 weeks in advance of travel. Out of Country Training Sanction Request is posted on Alberta Alpine website here:
  7. Snowsport Risk Management Manual – All clubs should be aware of the Snowsports Risk Management manual. It is posted on Alberta Alpine website here:

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