July 24, 2015

After a few much needed rest days since we returned home from Mt. Hood, it was back to business this past week in the gym. We have started our next phase in the dryland program, which will carry us through to our first Saas Fee trip on August 17th. It has proven itself to be a much more intense program then some of us may have anticipated, but it is great to start ramping up our workouts to make sure we are ready for the next time our skis touch snow.

This spring and summer I have been working a landscaping job with former team athletes Jonas Haehlen and Russell Ronsky. Jonas has been very understanding and accommodating with my dryland schedule to allow me to show up a bit late to work, and leave early in order to make my workouts. Due to the poor weather in Calgary before the weekend, we were not able to work Thursday afternoon or Friday, an unfortunate product of having a weather dependant job. Due to this change of plans, I decided to make the trip out to our family’s cabin for the weekend to enjoy some lake time. As a result of our intensive dryland schedule, and working, I don’t get to spend nearly as much time as I’d like to at the lake. I was very glad I was able to make it out for the weekend. I got to go for my first slalom ski in almost two years, and let me tell you, if that isn’t a full body workout then I don’t know what is! It’s good to work muscles that you don’t always get to in the gym. While gym time mainly focuses on the big muscles, it is good to work all the smaller ones while skiing and surfing. As important as your time in the gym is, it is equally important to still be doing other activities outside of the gym to work on athleticism. Any chance you get to partake in a physical activity that you would not normally get the opportunity to do, take it. I think it is very important to expose yourself to a variety of activities, so that your reactionary instincts are the best they can be by the time ski season comes back around. When you get out of position while skiing, it is crucial to be able to get back into balance as quickly as possible. Anything you can do to help with your recovery instincts in the off season will help you on the snow.

We have our first max squat of the season tomorrow, and as much as most of us dread it, I think we are all excited to see how much progress we have made in the gym so far. My last max squat in the fall of last year was 405 pounds, so I hope to be able to reach that again tomorrow. I am really looking forward to our first camps back on snow this fall and look forward to connecting with everyone again for my next journal during the season!

A big thank you to all our team sponsors, and a personal thanks to Atomic for their great support.

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